Floating My Impersonator... (Fake Ryft)

Floating My Impersonator... (Fake Ryft)

@SoaR Milo

I floated my impersonator who pretended to be me multiple times. I pretended to be a fan of the fake ryft and revealed myself at the end, I can't believe what happened...

This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating

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  1. SoaR Milo

    SoaR Milo

    پیش 3 ماه

    I got caught... again...

    • Diamond alpha

      Diamond alpha

      پیش روز


    • Luke Ingram

      Luke Ingram

      پیش 6 روز


    • Carly Houliaras

      Carly Houliaras

      پیش 9 روز

      You will always get caught so don’t be fake people

    • Joanna Plazer

      Joanna Plazer

      پیش 13 روز

      U couldt make a build invisible Bc u DIDT USE METAL

    • Daniel Simper

      Daniel Simper

      پیش 23 روز


  2. Fizzy


    پیش 11 ساعت

    He’s on West think

  3. DumRedAmungUss


    پیش 13 ساعت

    Maybe he’s just a really big fan of Rytf

  4. Jay Liltop313

    Jay Liltop313

    پیش 13 ساعت

    How was his so slow and Milo was fast asf

  5. Instant


    پیش 17 ساعت

    this is my bday

  6. Steve Playzer

    Steve Playzer

    پیش روز


  7. Vcx


    پیش روز

    Ryft are you the best editor in Fortnite or nick eh30

  8. Crushmer


    پیش روز

    He said Soar meelo 😂



    پیش روز

    plus everyone can tell about there face

  10. Demetrius Carey

    Demetrius Carey

    پیش روز

    What do he say

  11. TheBigDarius


    پیش روز

    Were doing a video of fake ryft but we speack on discord

  12. ♡Corpse♡


    پیش روز

    Kinda obvious that milo is just trolling

  13. Danny Vd

    Danny Vd

    پیش روز

    %”=]. Fee xxxx xz

  14. Josiah Sonnanburg

    Josiah Sonnanburg

    پیش 2 روز

    Melo its milo

  15. Ethan Pinto

    Ethan Pinto

    پیش 2 روز

    He said he is 12. But the truth is I am 12.

  16. Fishy Brudah

    Fishy Brudah

    پیش 3 روز

    It is not meelo it is mylo

  17. Affan Khizer

    Affan Khizer

    پیش 3 روز

    Rift saw Milo is so bad at editing can’t even make you float or make floor invisible she is such a noob he does not even have 10 K likes anymore because he’s so bad and this is the best rift is the best to mean

    • Affan Khizer

      Affan Khizer

      پیش 3 روز


    • Affan Khizer

      Affan Khizer

      پیش 3 روز

      Rift can you play Roblox please

    • Affan Khizer

      Affan Khizer

      پیش 3 روز


    • Affan Khizer

      Affan Khizer

      پیش 3 روز


  18. Kameran Purnell

    Kameran Purnell

    پیش 4 روز

    add me

  19. jmjchumphries


    پیش 4 روز

    Hey ry ft love your vids keep up the good work, your my idol, bye!

  20. Isabella Norton

    Isabella Norton

    پیش 4 روز

    its milo not melo

  21. Kenny Forester

    Kenny Forester

    پیش 4 روز


  22. Fareesa Shaikh

    Fareesa Shaikh

    پیش 5 روز

    The defaut is real ryft

  23. Fareesa Shaikh

    Fareesa Shaikh

    پیش 5 روز

    Default vs ryft but default is very pro

  24. Fareesa Shaikh

    Fareesa Shaikh

    پیش 5 روز

    Ryft is noob hahahaha🤣

  25. InsanityFN


    پیش 5 روز

    this is set up but its still pretty good

  26. cloudrianne ceniza

    cloudrianne ceniza

    پیش 5 روز

    How to download fornite

  27. XD guffy

    XD guffy

    پیش 5 روز

    “SoaR meelo” lol

  28. saiki k is the best

    saiki k is the best

    پیش 5 روز

    I was born in 2009

  29. Zxppa


    پیش 5 روز

    Clickbait title

  30. Ossa Aty

    Ossa Aty

    پیش 5 روز

    Daddy ryft

  31. detection


    پیش 5 روز

    atleast we know ryft isnt a MACRO CHEATER cause we can hear his keyboard

  32. guiterson sainvil

    guiterson sainvil

    پیش 5 روز

    Good stuff ryft that what you get milo

  33. George W

    George W

    پیش 6 روز

    Soar milo can’t float but the best part is that floating is back from ryft

  34. Charlotte Munns

    Charlotte Munns

    پیش 6 روز

    I'm a huge fan of you Ryft

  35. Chowky-Miwk


    پیش 6 روز

    nice twy boody boi

  36. Crazy Gaming HD

    Crazy Gaming HD

    پیش 6 روز

    Hes helping you get subscribers because he's impersonating you people will sub to ryft not soar milo

  37. DE4DS0UL


    پیش 6 روز

    hey guys it's "WYFT" here

  38. jensen


    پیش 6 روز

    For a second I don't know why but I fought souR milo was sizl

  39. juan and javier Maldonado

    juan and javier Maldonado

    پیش 6 روز

    What was the code for that freebield

  40. Jr Deldin

    Jr Deldin

    پیش 6 روز

    if funny that Milo thinks he's fast but slow

  41. sldock14


    پیش 7 روز

    I know!

  42. Luccas Chua

    Luccas Chua

    پیش 8 روز

    That was EpIc

  43. Tim Deang

    Tim Deang

    پیش 8 روز

    Said milo wrong 😂

  44. ty070


    پیش 8 روز

    I did it in 2 minutes jk jk I’m the worst player of fortnight like ya hell no it would take me like 20 minutes to do that

  45. sebastian Carabajal

    sebastian Carabajal

    پیش 8 روز

    Bro chill I'll make you disappear

  46. Cash Magruder

    Cash Magruder

    پیش 8 روز

    I love how wrist has confidence

  47. Shivan Narine

    Shivan Narine

    پیش 8 روز


  48. The fly Guy

    The fly Guy

    پیش 8 روز

    The fact he missed when he was still

  49. Shivan Narine

    Shivan Narine

    پیش 8 روز


  50. Mystery Cow

    Mystery Cow

    پیش 8 روز


  51. Katie Wood

    Katie Wood

    پیش 8 روز

    Tbh, I’m actually trash at Fortnite. If I had to 1v1 Ryft, I would just ‘nade myself

  52. AgentLeaf


    پیش 9 روز

    "Wift" "Makwo" Hmm... Yes this Is not strange

  53. Talon flame

    Talon flame

    پیش 9 روز

    He looks like Noah beck 😭

  54. Alanas vitkauskas

    Alanas vitkauskas

    پیش 9 روز

    Yes ryft

  55. Fest


    پیش 10 روز

    Ryft China

  56. Alvin Gurung

    Alvin Gurung

    پیش 10 روز


  57. Zayden Tanner

    Zayden Tanner

    پیش 10 روز

    Did u say balls or walls😅

  58. Terrion Moore

    Terrion Moore

    پیش 10 روز

    caught in 7k ;[/ ;]

  59. WillsMommy Tara

    WillsMommy Tara

    پیش 10 روز

    Soar milo ypsuck

  60. José Marquez

    José Marquez

    پیش 10 روز

    9:09 boom haha 😂



    پیش 10 روز

    9:24 Milo:who am I Ryft: your worst nightmare Milo: who ? Ryft:Wendy Milo: who’s Wendy? Ryft:😈

  62. VoZina_FN Gaming

    VoZina_FN Gaming

    پیش 10 روز

    3:18 that haha LOL

  63. kraxer


    پیش 10 روز

    Boom one shot dead LOL

  64. Ayden Chan

    Ayden Chan

    پیش 11 روز

    SoaR Meeeelo lmao



    پیش 11 روز

    How does u eyes not hurt

  66. KIDF


    پیش 11 روز

    the thing is that their in a discord call

  67. Fortnite10


    پیش 11 روز

    I am faster than milo

  68. iluvR3act


    پیش 11 روز

    april 23, 2008 my birthday

  69. Isaiah Gonzalez

    Isaiah Gonzalez

    پیش 11 روز

    Rip can you show me how to edit that back my name is game-breaker

  70. mathew lenain

    mathew lenain

    پیش 12 روز

    This is the fakest video I've ever seen

  71. Lobeznogaming


    پیش 12 روز

    1P ryft go macro cheter

    • Lobeznogaming


      پیش 12 روز


  72. Lobeznogaming


    پیش 12 روز

    macro cheter

  73. Gavin Morton

    Gavin Morton

    پیش 12 روز

    he got caught

  74. Cherry Comidias

    Cherry Comidias

    پیش 12 روز

    i used code ryft

  75. Chyllzi


    پیش 13 روز

    Mans using macros and slower than the actual ryft XD

  76. Ghoulz


    پیش 13 روز

    LOL HE AT THE LAST 1V1 HE KEPT ON SAYIN BOOM Boom boom boom boom i want you in my room

    • Cooper Rogers

      Cooper Rogers

      پیش 12 روز


  77. Milo Juhl

    Milo Juhl

    پیش 13 روز

    My name is milo to

  78. Enchantedッ


    پیش 14 روز

    man's got caught in 4k ultra hd

  79. annoingmarshmello 11

    annoingmarshmello 11

    پیش 14 روز

    U kILlEd ThE ReAl RyFt

  80. Erick_Playz YT

    Erick_Playz YT

    پیش 14 روز

    when ryft says BOOM! it sounds like blippi

  81. Mike Holla

    Mike Holla

    پیش 14 روز

    That is so crazy

  82. Beyblade fish 999

    Beyblade fish 999

    پیش 14 روز

    Ryft boom boom boom boom boom

  83. IgNext


    پیش 14 روز

    Balls aren’t the only thing I am going to make invisable

  84. floppyfish75


    پیش 15 روز


  85. Jane Calabro

    Jane Calabro

    پیش 15 روز

    The motionless ox concomitantly saw because tile developmentally suppose concerning a sour radiator. elite, elegant millimeter

  86. Xenø loves you

    Xenø loves you

    پیش 15 روز

    9:19 sheeeeeesh

  87. Eldana Eriksén

    Eldana Eriksén

    پیش 15 روز

    Are you a fan

  88. Sky fall

    Sky fall

    پیش 15 روز

    Why does he look like noah beck

  89. oiutow


    پیش 16 روز

    Are you weal wyft?

  90. NAB427


    پیش 16 روز

    Milo am going to make brick invisable

  91. RIFT YT


    پیش 16 روز


  92. Charles Dean

    Charles Dean

    پیش 16 روز

    Dababy les goo

  93. lamiaa El Boshey

    lamiaa El Boshey

    پیش 16 روز

    Be my coach please

  94. Danny Stogsdill

    Danny Stogsdill

    پیش 16 روز

    Milo it is trash

  95. John Jones

    John Jones

    پیش 16 روز


  96. Kylle Adrian Tapel

    Kylle Adrian Tapel

    پیش 16 روز


  97. Kylle Adrian Tapel

    Kylle Adrian Tapel

    پیش 16 روز

    Milo got marco

  98. Yourdad1422RL S

    Yourdad1422RL S

    پیش 16 روز

    Milo looks like Noah beck😂😂😂

  99. Loot llama

    Loot llama

    پیش 17 روز

    I used code rift

  100. m modd

    m modd

    پیش 17 روز

    Hi rift can I add u my user is Gilbert 6584