Floating Dinosaurs in Fortnite... (Insane)

Floating Dinosaurs in Fortnite... (Insane)

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In this video I went into games to find dinosaurs in the new season 6 fortnite update, and I managed to float them... or did I?

This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating

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  1. Ryft


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    Shoutout Ali-A

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      I am me9665

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      Allia has more subs then you

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      @Mindset howwww

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      Diplo dokulos

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  2. Marshy


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    Rift 0 ping Dino: Oh s**t

  3. Gaming with Subbavad

    Gaming with Subbavad

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    1:56 that face HAHAHAHHAHA

  4. Laurent Changuion

    Laurent Changuion

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    My fav Dino is a dipiledopeles

  5. stefano goncalves

    stefano goncalves

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    My fav dinnosaur is a T REX

  6. Jakc Sinclair

    Jakc Sinclair

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    My favourite dinosaur is a terourdackours sorry if thats the wrong spelling i dont know how to

  7. Bolinger Kids

    Bolinger Kids

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    If I name my favorite dino nobody will know what it is so I'll just say allosaurus

  8. Dakota DeMoss

    Dakota DeMoss

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    I will like this video if ryft anwsers

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  10. van rees mike

    van rees mike

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    My favorite dino is the T-rex

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    Wtf Zuula

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    When did you get a mil

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    Now this is real content

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  13. harrysgonecrazy


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    My favorite dino is blue the velociraptor (from the movies)

  14. trix


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    Let me finish your last word u said pe and I say nis

  15. Jaic Rothbone

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  16. SlapsFN


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    Lmao the intro

  17. Connor Pinkerton

    Connor Pinkerton

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    Do you have the renegade raider

  18. Eli Ochoa

    Eli Ochoa

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    and my fortnite name is dragionfire81217

  19. Eli Ochoa

    Eli Ochoa

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    hi ryft im a controller player aim not that good at editing I need help

  20. Kaden Warren

    Kaden Warren

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    A dipulodoncilis

  21. MrPoopy Butthole

    MrPoopy Butthole

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    I wanna float dino

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    Your mom

  23. Kaiden Rodriguez

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    How dare you feel yourself and teach me how to edit you been all fat IRface

  24. EDITS storm

    EDITS storm

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  25. 1v1 Ers

    1v1 Ers

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    T rex

  26. Ryfish


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  27. Nolan 1234

    Nolan 1234

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    1:24 a lot of dinosaurs land there Me what the $$$$

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    Ryft Can You Friend me on fortnite I want to have 1 Friend on my list

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    I like noodles

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    I’m one of your biggest fans and I want to one V1 you even though I’m not that good I still wanna one V1 you my user name is CosmicBro345

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    Your awesome ryft

  33. Ali Hasan - Norrevångsskolan åk F-6 4

    Ali Hasan - Norrevångsskolan åk F-6 4

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    T Rex

  34. Kailah Spears

    Kailah Spears

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    Weeping woods

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    Supper Jawad

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    I think I killed youuuuuuuuu

  36. Nicholas Mahasamud Nyberg

    Nicholas Mahasamud Nyberg

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    it a dipadoklas

  37. Claps has IQ

    Claps has IQ

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    This is exactly why I don’t play this game anymore people like you aka sweats

  38. Coral


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    Ryft: what's your fav dinosaur Ali a: it's a dipyodocyoulous : me: Dino nuggies

  39. David Mather

    David Mather

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    T. rex

  40. AsSoberAsPink


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    RIP chicken 🐔

  41. Spaz


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    Hey @Ryft I am a controller editor I need some tips to get better at the Fortnite of u could help me get better I would appreciate that have a great day :)

  42. Avakinlife world

    Avakinlife world

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    your vids are so gooooooooooooooooooooooood

  43. Reginald Anderson

    Reginald Anderson

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    At the start damn Ali a do be right do lol My fav Dinosaur is the giganotasaur At 1:00 damn that’s one mighty fine dinosaur

  44. ZexoSzn


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    Dino nuggies is my favorite dino

  45. Randy Ruzynski

    Randy Ruzynski

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    My favorite dinosaur is a diplo doculous

  46. Catriona Walsh

    Catriona Walsh

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  47. Semi


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    A diplodoculas lol Alia

  48. SWiFT


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    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆

  49. Charlie Belmonte

    Charlie Belmonte

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    My favorite is the trysarutouptimiuniplentumkintyfleywiumopolis

  50. Slix_on 200fps

    Slix_on 200fps

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  51. Anya Clinton

    Anya Clinton

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    My favourite Dino is a dipuladoculas

  52. Sonia Kourri

    Sonia Kourri

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    Tell are you using macro? Plz dont lie i hear alot of people telling your using macro i am your biggest fan pls dont lie plz

  53. Ratchet


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    Me: biggest dinosaur fan in the world Me after this video: is a raptor a flying pterodactyl now

  54. XdaisY446


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    What did he say????????? Usally dinosours LAND ned wepping woods???????????????????????????

  55. Tnymax


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    Nice video

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    mega peruna

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    Landon McCubbins

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    It’s a dipodoculus 😰😰😰

  58. Leia Shaffie

    Leia Shaffie

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  59. rico Crawley

    rico Crawley

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    Your videos are so good you’re so correct your edits are better than peace control Kyle’s anybody’s you’re better that kid last time when you made that video he tried he only did one edit his little dog with her he has not

  60. Kaya Mavituna

    Kaya Mavituna

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    May name is insights-MCT

  61. Kaya Mavituna

    Kaya Mavituna

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    Fred me in fortnite

  62. Kaya Mavituna

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    Hunters cloak

  64. Rebecca Heywood

    Rebecca Heywood

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    Hi always! You are favourite youtuber if you want to play with my name is Pwrstrike50 in fortnite

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    My favorite is the Dino nuggy

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    Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from *W W W. K I N T I L . W O R K*

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    It’s a diplodunculus

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  69. Shadow Lamborghini

    Shadow Lamborghini

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    My favorite Dino is a T. rex

  70. Fishy gang is Goldie it

    Fishy gang is Goldie it

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    Renagade rader

  71. Tobie Bigelow

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    the dipuladoculus

  72. Moshi VT

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  73. Dj Ky'mani

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    See Griff go to your in for Tori and go tres Wiki mind Kentucky boys in South and build a singing the axe and stuff and you build new building and you put on it when you see not

  74. Dj Ky'mani

    Dj Ky'mani

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    Rush full T you need me to feel diamonds to the dinosaurs

  75. Dj Ky'mani

    Dj Ky'mani

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  76. Zahid 2K

    Zahid 2K

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    Ryft u inspire me to become a better editor i watch U every day BTW Ur BETTER THAN NOT LUC

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    Starwars Cian Gaming

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    Can you add me?

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    Haz and hulk Gaming

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    My fav dinosaur is the dilophisaouruas

  79. Julian Horvay

    Julian Horvay

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    Ryft go Dino mode

  80. Xxfrane


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    If you get bones and meat you can a hunters cloak and you can tame them easily like EASILY

  81. Shadow GENERAL 2.0

    Shadow GENERAL 2.0

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    Ryft : what's your favourite dinosaur Me : diplodocules

  82. Julian Horvay

    Julian Horvay

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    Use a colck

  83. giannis tzanidis

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    My favorite dinosaur is a... Dipldoculus

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    My fav dinosaur is you

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    Kyber _81

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    Ryft's next video : Floating Fortnite in Fortnite (Insane) xD😂😂😂😂

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    My favorite dinosaur is a dipladaculas

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    His face at 5:39 lol

  98. pink angel989

    pink angel989

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    my fav dino is a DIPLODOCULAS ehhehe

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